Homage to the Breast

In response to a brief about ice cream moulds of the 18th century - made for royalty... this  was a model I sculpted (entirely in virtual reality). The final mould had to be modified to just the boob for ice cream production, but still... BOOB ICE CREAM 😛

Inspired by classical sculptures of Roman origins, made for royalty and carved out
of stone & marble. These celestial bodies are all holding in place the crowning glory -
behold the breast! A play on the power of the currency of women in the days of royalty,
the offering of the sexual, especially as a melting dessert, and a nod to the beauty of the
breast. Breast cancer has affected plenty of women close to me, and I think this homage
befits support to Maggie's Centres.

I also designed the flavour: Rose Masala Chai - vanilla gelato with rose water & chai spices. Delicate rose aroma like a woman's perfume, with a little sweet spice.

This ice cream was part of SCOOP Exhibition at the British Museum of Food during the 2018 London Design Festival. All profits will be donated to Maggie’s Centres. Made possible by Bompas & Parr, British Museum of Food, and It's Nice That.

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